Audrey Face Workout is a technique created by Beautiful Audrey who is 69 yrs old. Her face is proof her 100% natural technique works!

This project was a collaboration with Visionary Lab Agency in Milan, Italy and was a lot of fun and we were involved with the creation of the whole set up.

We created Everything, from Naming to Brand Identity, market research and Business strategy website, courses, landing pages  and marketing.

A full on project to bring this amazing technique to life


Brand Identity, Web Design, Course Design, Social Media Styling and Strategy

The goal was to create a complete web presence project for an online business related to the Audrey Face Workout Technique
created by Audrey, highlighting the elements of strength and differentiation compared to other methods that were already on the market. The project included concept activities, marketing and sales strategies, online presence, branding.


Audrey Brand Board By VLAB
Instagram Post Audrey 1

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