Visionary Lab are a group of creatives and professionals with many years’ experience in the field of fashion, beauty and communication. They work in synergy by offering the client an all-round vision of the project and integrating existing business functions with specific outsourced skills. Their specialisations range from stylistic to, graphic, product development and of course digital area to that of communication / pr / events.

An ongoing work in progress as they constantly keep up with new technologies

web design portfolio Vlab 1

Original Website Build + New Metaverse Service integration.

Visionary Lab has always had Italian Beauty and Fashion product development and communication as its focus and we have worked together for many years. Now to keep up with the amazing outlook Metaverse and NFTs have on communications, it has become a must for VLAB as the first Beauty and fashion communications agency in Italy to provide  Phygital Product development inside Metaverse.

This is where Webstylist come in, providing the strategy and redesign integrating this new service and switching the primary business focus.


IMG 8467.JPG scaled


screencapture visionarylab it 2021 03 07 21 02 20
screencapture visionarylab it about us 2022 04 04 14 36 27
screencapture visionarylab it services 2 2022 04 04 14 22 37
screencapture visionarylab it project planner 2022 04 04 14 37 07

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